Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisitions is -and has always been- about experience and relationships. Maintaining the right balance between caring for people and completing successful deals is very rare in today's business world. The Issachar Group understands that the pre-deal work associated with transactions can be challenging, but not as difficult as the work that must be done once an agreement has been reached.

At The Issachar Group, we do not subscribe to transaction-based opportunities because of the potential conflict of interest and subsequent business risk to our clients. By utilizing our "dual vertical" evaluation process, we carefully evaluate targets while considering all aspects that can impact the present and future of your organization. When you combine our approach with a due diligence process conducted by experts at The Issachar Group, we offer swift and accurate decisions, which can limit the exposure to transaction driven Investment Banks. The time and money your business will save is always a plus, even though, the success of a strategic M&A transaction is our primary goal. With expertise and focus, The Issachar Group will drive strategy to tactical execution so our clients can become what they desire… the very best!

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