About Us

The Issachar Group specializes in executive consultancy that reverses negative business trends through the execution of a unique value proposition that maximizes shareholder value.

Our Values

Our Mission

We deliver a true convergence between strategy and execution to accommodate the vertical goals of your business, while simultaneously focusing on the horizontal aspirations of the people who make your organization.

Our Vision

We aspire to become the only trusted partner you need to achieve your goals.

Why The Issachar Group?

According to biblical history, there were twelve tribes inhabiting the land of Israel. Two of these tribes were The Issachar and the Zebulon. The Issachar tribe was known to be wisest strategists, while the Zebulon tribe was known for their resources and tactical potential. These two tribes understood that separately, their chances of survival were low. Thus, The Issachar and Zebulon established a unique partnership where each tribe was able to focus on what they did best. With the support of The Zebulon, The Issachar studied relentlessly and provided The Zebulon with effective strategies they would follow daily. Together, The Issachar and The Zebulon tribes flourished. This is a very valuable lesson today as it was thousands of years ago: Only a true partnership can close the gap between strategy and execution.

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